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 ~ Beauty Designed Around You ~


We are not "Landscapers", we are "Gardenscapers".

We don't build retaining walls, walkways or patios. We specialize in bringing neglected gardens back to life, enhancing existing gardens and creating new dramatic bedding designs. We are also experts at using plants you already have, resulting in a renovated new garden. 

Perennial garden design is our specialty and passion.

We artfully select and combine perennials along with annuals, shrubs and bulbs creating a long season of beauty and interest for your Minnesota garden; working towards a parade of continuous blooms.

Regular Garden Maintenance

Our experienced gardeners will be there to keep your gardens looking great. Our maintenance services range from a one time clean-up to regular visits, based on your needs and preferences. 

Seasonal Flower Containers and Displays

A simple way to add character, elegance and curbside appeal to any home or business is with beautiful outdoor displays, containers, planters or window boxes. We make things easy with our door-to-door service.  Turn heads all year long with colorful spring, summer, fall and winter containers and displays, designed and installed by Gardens by Lynn. 

Lynn of Gardens by Lynn

Serving Homes and Businesses

15 Years of experience working in Minnesota gardens.

Lynn designs gardens, flower containers or planters taking into account the space size, the amount of shade or sun and required maintenance. Then carefully combines varied leaf colors, plant textures and blooms creating beautiful gardens and displays to enjoy for years to come.

Lynn is a Master Gardener certified through the University of Minnesota. She is also a member of the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association and the Men's and Women's Garden Club of Minneapolis. She is also an award winning gardener, awarded 35 ribbons over the past two years for her perennials and annuals exhibited at a flower show held at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. 

Lynn's own gardens were featured on the University of Minnesota Master Gardener Garden Tour in the summer of 2019. 

Read the article on Gardens by Lynn in Lake Minnetonka Magazine!


We provide free estimates and would love to hear from you!

Some Favorite Projects

Pretty Summer Planters!
As seen in Lake Minnetonka Magazine
Stunning Spring planter
Tulips are a must for this Spring
Stunning colors in DT St. Paul
Cobalt blue really stands out.
Over 2000 pansies to plant
The flats of pansies just kept
Planting flowers on Earth Day!
Residential Spring planter
Commercial project
Yes - those are weeds!
Getting ready to plant.
Team Gardens by Lynn!
New edging and plantings make this
Brand new garden!
White planters make the greens pop!
Beautiful natural window box.
So festive!
Holiday ready.
Hotel LuMINN downtown Minneapolis
Hollow birch log adds interest.
Window box ready for winter!
Huge planters in downtown St. Paul.
White planters pop the color!
Elephant Ears are on trend!
This install includes flowers and
Fox Valley River Birch on left.
Paint can spills out white flowers.
Canna are perfect for large pots
New shrubs, annuals and trees.
Annuals rolling off the truck!
Planting a hosta garden.
An all rock garden gets new plants.
Beautiful front entrance planters.
One big planter to plant!
New perennials on a slope.
Clean out and new plants & shrubs.
Canna plants are the star here.
This homeowner has a brand new
Circle garden with annuals.
Beautiful once filled in!
Brand new plants.
Tulips are a must this time of year
Deep hues for Spring!
Pussy willows add height
We love this look!
Silvers and reds shine!
Beautiful front entrance planters
Triple planter welcome
Rusty urns have so much charm
Adding height & texture with wicker
Pretty window box
Whites, silvers and greens shine!
Classic traditional style
Unique Winter planter
Pumpkins in window boxes really pop!
Updates and photos!
Fall Planters
Using burlap adds a touch of Fall
New tree, shrubs and perennials
Planting a River Birch
we love seeing our planters on Main
Summer planters line the street in
These big elephant ears are perfect
We love Fall!
Before and after
Lynn's ribbons for her perennial and
We fixed this problem area
Let us install a brand new garden!
Once planted the butterflies and
Before and after
This Mid Century home was ready
After......Mid Century Garden
This shady garden got a make-over
Weeding & mulch and looks great!
Over 100 new plants going in here.
Planting lilac trees & shrubs
We love to see you smile!
Cleaned up and new edging added -
We love this beautiful edging
Creating a hosta garden
Ready for relaxing!
Lynn still smiling with the last
Using twigs for an arch over flowers
Pansies fill a large planter
Large Spring planters
For Pink Lovers!
Beautiful stone planters say Spring
Stunning purple and blue planter
A late Fall perennial garden install
After: This Native Garden design
This Native Garden was planted with
Spring arrives in same garden
We love to clean up gardens!
Fall clean up after!
Sunny Summer planters
Sunny window boxes
Shady deck planters
Perennial garden design
Contrasting color perennial garden
Brighten a garage with window boxes
A Spring welcome with color
Day Lily garden
Stone statue paired with flowers
Lynn's garden
Sunny garden
Combing warm and cool colors
Boulders. Flowers. Iron Structures.
Lots of color
Lynn's dog Roxy admires the flowers
Lynn's dog Roxy
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